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In my last video I went over the example on how to build a dynamic filter and if you haven't seen this yet you can go ahead and check that out here.

In this video you're going to learn how and why you might want to implement a dynamic column selector for your interactive dashboards.

All of this is part of my course R Shiny Flex Dashboards and Interactive Data Visualizations and these questions here basically came from some of my students.

A lot of the time when you're doing data analysis you end up with many more columns than you can see on the screen.

Now you could basically subset the columns so you're just seeing less columns but the problem with that is that maybe you just want to see a different column at different points in time or you have different clients with different requirements.

So instead of hard-coding these values in what we can do is we can create a dynamic selection instead so that anybody can have whatever they want or whatever you let them have whenever they want to actually see it.