Last week I attended a two-day conference hosted by H2O an innovative company which builds automated machine learning products.

In this video I go over:

  • Some of the event highlights
  • What does h2o actually do?
  • Some machine learning basics
  • Who h2o products are for
  • A summary of some of the talks that I really enjoyed

A relevant takeaway was on data strategy and the data science workflow. Data preparation is approximately 80% of an AI project so I think this is really where there's a very big opportunity for more people to actually get involved in the whole data science process not necessarily just data scientists. There are more people that can actually do data preparation and besides having the data wrangling skills which are really good skills to have and build up, you also have here some of the domain expertise and stuff as well so if you understand the data if you understand what could be necessary to actually solve a particular question or problem then you can really contribute to this as well.