What do data scientists talk about? In this video I chat with my data scientist friend Owen Flanagan to talk about all the things you might be wondering about data science.

1:02 Who is Owen Flanagan?

1:25 Lessons from a Startup / Soft Skills

8:46 The True Cost of Data

13:56 Data Strategy

26:47 Excel, VBA, Power Query & Power BI in Data Science?

40:38 Statistics - Looking at your Data in Different ways.

What Skills Can You Bring to the Table?

44:35 R vs Python

46:20 Functional vs Object Oriented Programming

49:18 The benefit of not using For Loops

1:00:28 Lessons Learnt from Analyzing Donald Trump Tweets Over Time

1:10:56 Data Engineering / EC2 vs Docker vs Serverless

1:22:58 Workstation vs Cloud

1:36:12 Mac vs Windows vs Linux