How would you like to be able to

  • Generate hundreds of reports with one line of code?
  • Get insight from tables with millions of records easier than it takes to analyse hundreds?
  • Simultaneously perform operations across dozens of columns instead of one at a time?
For the past few months,

I've been thinking about how to make an advanced R course that is simple enough for even beginners

And I think I've finally cracked it..

When I developed my course

My goal was to make R relatable to common tasks in Excel.

Simply making this switch means that you can process millions of records in milliseconds.

Much of these processes though are easier to learn in a tool like Power Query which I teach in my course

Which leaves the question

Why would you want to use R over Power Query or Excel if you don't have big data?

Part of the answer is the ability to tap into advanced libraries like graph networks and rapidly build web applications like I teach in my course

R Shiny Flex Dashboards and Interactive Data Visualization

But there's much more to it than that...

This is what I'm looking to cover with practical demonstrations in my new upcoming course.

The true power of R is that it is simpler and more concise to perform complex operations on data than any other data tool that I've worked with.

Even if you don't know any code this can be a great place to start if you work with data.

The goal of this new course is that advanced Excel users all the way to intermediate R users will have the understanding to be able to utilise the advanced features of R as part of their daily workflow to 100x your results.

With this in mind, I would love your feedback to help make this the best course possible. I've put together a survey here and would love your input.