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3 Things Slow Down Progress of Aspiring Data Analyst

I'm passionate about learning and have done hundreds of courses on data analytics, tools and techniques. I learned a ton of great things from some very clever people but after all of these courses there was not a course I felt was completely suitable to recommend to my friends and...


Want to see how Excel Power Query Stacks up to R Tidyverse?

In one of my videos titled Why Use R? I talk about how R compares to the primary way that people use Excel using formulas. Given that I've now produced a whole series of videos on how Excel Power Query addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional Excel formulas you might be keen to find...


Flexdashboard Cheat Sheet

As mentioned previously, a flex dashboard is basically a markdown document just rendered as a dashboard. By changing just a few settings we can update the entire look and feel of that dashboard. In this video we go over what some of those settings and options are. To make this easier I've...


Markdown and Why You Should be Using It

What is markdown? And what are the benefits of using it? At its essence, a flex dashboard is basically just a markdown document. So what is a markdown document exactly? Well a markdown document is a very simple text document which allows us to focus on content and then decide later...


Graph Networks - The Most Important Data Structure Since The Table

In this video I talk about graph networks: the most important data structure since the table. Now for certain types of problems and for certain types of datasets graph technology could potentially revolutionize the way that you work with data. Now if you follow my blog you will have...


Replace Hundreds of Lines Of Code With This Powerful Function

Recently I released a video on YouTube showing people how to load and combine 1000 files, containing 1 million records in just 3 seconds using just one line of code with the map function in R. If you haven’t seen that yet please do take the chance to check it out below. The Most Powerful...